Diskussion: Shrinking Spaces – A Spotlight on Georgia and Ukraine

Dienstag, 21. November 2023

Panel Discussion with activists from Feminist Workshop – Ukraine and GrlzWave – Georgia
Moderation: Nina Hälker – Head of programme filia.die frauenstiftung

The language of the talk will be English. A translation into German will be offered to a limited extend.

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In recent years, a shrinking of civil society's scope for action can be observed worldwide. Through the strengthening of right-winged movements, governmental repressions and, not least, the Covid-19 pandemic the significance of public space as a tool for political action and assembly has been increasingly restricted. Also in the digital space, anti-feminist and racist tendencies are growing, reinforcing and reproducing discrimination and exclusion.
In connection with this global development of “shrinking spaces”, we take a look at Georgia and Ukraine and how the rights of women and LGBTIQ+ as well as the possibilities for action of civil society actors stand there. What are the concrete challenges that feminist movements in these two countries are currently facing? What strategies are activists pursuing and what role does digital tools and spaces play in this? How does the ongoing war in Ukraine affect the work of feminist initiatives and organizations in these countries? And, last but not least, how can we show solidarity and what can we learn from the experiences of the activists for feminist fights for social participation and equality across international borders?

The event is part of the W3_project Solidarisch Handeln Lernen and takes place in cooperation with filia.die frauenstiftung

Funded by FEB, Katholischer Fonds, NUE, demokratie leben, GLS Treuhand, GTS Hamburg, Seka, Homann Stiftung, (KED institutionell), Kulturbehörde (institutionell)

Ort: W3_Saal

Veranstaltungszeit: 7–9 pm

Quelle: w3-hamburg.de

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